Aller Aqua hosted workshop during Aquaculture Europe 2016 for a select list of customers

During Aquaculture Europe 2016 Aller Aqua hosted a workshop regarding their slogan; Let’s grow together! and the future of fish feed formulation.

A select list of customers were invited for the event held in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

At the workshop participants were greeted by CEO Hans Erik Bylling, before Technical Support Manager, Peter Jessen presented his thoughts on the future of fish feed. The presentation was well received and Peter did not neglect to challenge the way we think about feed formulation and its ingredients.

Lars Rahbæk (Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing) introduced the workshop and the agenda for this, before starting the dialogue regarding our slogan and what it means for our customers. At Aller Aqua we believe that In order to grow aquaculture production and feed the growing global population, we have to work together in the entire value chain. We need to grow in a smart, efficient and responsible way, and we need a high degree of knowledge sharing. This requires openness, trust and flexibility. Growing with our customer is an integrated part of our philosophy, and we do business based on global insight, local presence and customer focused product innovation. 

At Aller Aqua we are very pleased with the input from the individual participants. Their input will help define how we continue to grow together in the future!

- Let’s grow together!