Global G.A.P.

Good Agricultural Practice - Quality and product safety within agri- and aquaculture

What is Global G.A.P.?

Global G.A.P. is an internationally recognized set of farming standards dedicated to good farming practices (Good Agricultural Practice). Global G.A.P. is a quality concept established by European marketing chains and producers. Global G.A.P.’s Compound Feed Manufacturing Standard (CFM) defines requirements such as:

  • Current legislation

  • Work environment and safety

  • Food safety and hygiene

  • Animal welfare including environment and organic production

Advantages of Global G.A.P. certification

For food producers ensuring responsible production is a constant challenge. Increasing pressures and demands from consumers, retail and legislation continues to challenge producers, who in turn needs efficient utilization of natural resources as well as protecting the life in the ocean. The ability to commit to responsible aquacultural practices is important to gain access to many markets.

Feed plays an important role in the process of ensuring feed safety throughout the value chain in aquaculture production. Consumers request increasing openness and transparency concerning the sourcing fo raw materials (including origin), production techniques and reduction in the use of chemicals. CFM defines standards and criteria and covers all steps in the production process of feed for aquaculture; from purchase and delivery of raw materials for production to sales of the finished feed.

All certified feed producers are assigned a specific number (GGN) which is entered into the Global G.A.P. database of certified companies. This makes it easy for customers, partners, and consumers to benchmark and choose certified partners.

Global G.A.P. and Aller Aqua

Aller Aqua’s factories in Denmark, Germany, and Poland respectively, are all certified to the Global G.A.P. Compound Feed Manufacturing Standard. Aller Aqua A/S (Denmark) has GGN.number: 4052852174015.