Fish feed

Producing feed for aquaculture

Optimizing production to minimize emission

Producing feed for aquaculture

When producing fish feed there are many technical adjustments you can make to improve production efficiency and lower CO2 emission. It is important to note that all initiatives come with a price tag. At Aller Aqua our Technical Development department works with highlighting and implementing such initiatives. The vision in Technological Development is to ensure that Aller Aqua, as a global company, is at the forefront with the implementation of technological developments benefitting both the environment, fish feed quality, our flexibility and not least our customers. The department utilizes practical experience via a knowledge-sharing concept coupled with theoretical tools such as KPI and OEE for both transparency and increased efficiency. Focus areas for technological development includes:

  • Process and product optimization

  • Energy recovery

  • Knowledge-sharing

  • Minimization of waste

Benefits for the organization as a whole include improved working environment, lowered noise levels, lowered electric consumption and much more. The experience we get from one project can be transferred to the other factories and implemented internationally via thoroughly tested and well-documented solutions.

Over the course of the last year, Aller Aqua has focussed on reducing the company usage of both gas and electricity across all factories. We have managed to reduce or electricity consumption by 13,1% and our gas consumption by 26,4%*.

* Due to national variances in production and consumption of electricity and gas respectively, calculating the corresponding reduction in carbon footprint has not been possible.