Aller Aqua acquires Danforel

Aller Aqua Group acquires Europe's leading producer of smoked trout fillets.

As of 1 May 2022, Aller Aqua Group A/S took over the entire share capital in the company Danforel.

Aller Aqua CEO Hans Erik Bylling says, "From Aller Aqua's side, we look forward to the new close collaboration between the companies, which will give both companies better opportunities to optimize fish farming, processing and marketing in the future.”

“Very soon we will begin new investments in expanded fry facilities, as well as optimization in the production. In addition, we want to ensure the optimum utilization of the whole fish", says CEO Hans Erik Bylling.

With these initiatives, Danforel will continue to be the best procurer of fish produced in Danish aquaculture farms.

Danforel's director Erik Hansen continues as CEO.


- Established in 1939
- 140 employees
- 6 aquaculture facilities
- Produces 4000 t of ASC-certified trout
- 15,000 m2 slaughterhouse
- 120,000 consumer-packaged warm-smoked fish fillets daily