Eastern Europe

Long-term trout partners in the Balkans

Aquaculture in the Balkans takes on new dimensions with NewCo Trofta in Kosova. They hatch, rise, and produce trout fish for the local market as well as export to neighbouring countries for retailers, restaurants, and other clients.

NewCo Trofta has expanded and modernised its farm, producing about 800 tonnes of trout per year. They distinguish themselves in the region by the high quality of their fish, and the fingerlings which are also exported abroad.

Aller Aqua has had the opportunity to support this partner's growth as well as the development of the Balkan aquaculture industry through its local factory, which makes high-quality fish feed accessible and sustainable for local farmers.

NewCo Trofta is more than just a trout farm; the owners, brothers, have spent years building this family business since acquiring the property in 2004. They have put together an excellent restaurant near the trout farm as well as a luxurious hotel and bungalows by the mountain.

People come from all over to eat delicious fresh fish and other fine foods and spend the night in the beautiful scenery of Istog, the town where NewCo Trofta is located.

Aller Aqua is delighted to have walked alongside this growth journey as the fish feed partner since 2014 and to have supported aquaculture growth in the region.

NewCo Trofta has made a significant impact on the sector, and it is Aller Aqua’s purpose to help the aquaculture industry grow in the Balkans and across the world.

"We are here for the long run, and we always find a way to overcome challenges as we strive to develop our partners, customers, and the aquaculture industry." – Peter Schmiegelow, Sales Representative at Aller Aqua.

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