Aller Aqua introduces new brand, Ocean

During the past several years, we at Aller Aqua have been developing and fine-tuning feeds for a variety of marine fish. This work has been carried out at the Aller Aqua Research Center as well as in collaboration with fish farmers across the world.  

The culmination of effort, dedication, and success with our marine feeds now displays as we launch ’OCEAN’ – a new concept and umbrella brand for our fish feed portfolio for marine fish.  

“The OCEAN concept summarizes the product ranges for marine fish as all these products follow dedicated principles in feed formulation and manufacturing,” says Dr. Robert Tillner, who is Product Manager and a key part of the Aqua Aller R&D team. ”This will help us to further develop the products within the OCEAN concept and gain visibility in the market”. 

Ensuring key food supply chains
Some marine fish in aquaculture represent the most highly valued seafood in the world. Formulating dedicated feeds for these high-value species requires deep knowledge of their requirements in terms of nutrition and farming conditions, and it pleases Dr. Robert Tillner to see customers, embracing the know-how Aller Aqua share with them.  

“We are delighted to see the positive results and success stories of customers using our feeds for marine fish, ranging from Atlantic halibut and Atlantic cod in the north to red drum in the south,” says Dr. Robert Tillner, and continues: 

”Contributing to their success and watching fish farmers grow their businesses fill us with deep satisfaction. Clearly, the revival of the Atlantic cod aquaculture industry stands out among the many success stories and we are, of course, more than satisfied to see how our feeds make such a difference,” Dr. Robert Tillner concludes. 

Following the launch of OCEAN, the names in Aller Aqua’s marine feeds programme will be changed and aligned accordingly.

Apart from that, nothing will change in regard to the products. We will continue to design and produce high-quality feeds for marine species.  

The OCEAN brand is launched on 1. March 2023 and the change will become effective as soon as stocks of current feed names are cleared.