Aller Aqua wins the ''SDG Award 2021''

The SDG Award by Business Kolding is a project which looks at sustainability and innovation holistically. This award recognizes the achievements of those who are driving impactful, innovative, and inspiring sustainability solutions across distinct categories.

Aller Aqua wins the award based on the great work of creating transparency through CO2 product-labeling as the world's first fish feed company to do so, according to PEFCR.

Aller Aqua has been generating jobs in the region as well as across the world, sharing expertise, providing support to the local farmers and helping them grow.

As our motto says ‘’Let’s grow together’’

On stage, Henrik said “We are really happy to win this award. It is a fantastic recognition of our efforts on a global scale’’.

Henrik closed the statement by encouraging the audience to spread the awareness to eat more fish, as a healthy and sustainable choice of protein.