Endurable and committed to the task

Accomplishment and heart. We can put these words on the ship, crew, and partnership we participated in to celebrate

The old Danish coaster Caroline S has reached its 750th sailing anniversary. On August 2nd, the coaster is leaving the harbor for the 750th time to our Danish partner, the specialized trout producer, Musholm.

The historic ship, built post-WW2 with the support of the Marshall Plan, was set for retirement. Our Logistics manager, Erik Klose Madsen, didn't let that happen and planned for Caroline S to start its engines again. For 22 years, Caroline S has been sailing fish feed to Musholm.

In the primary season, Caroline S heads to sea twice weekly with 120 tons of feed cargo. In the case of Musholm, it is faster and more efficient, and each shipment saves the roads five truckloads.

Besides an environmentally friendly solution, we also support the continuous use of Caroline S. The crews are volunteers and all retired sailors with lifelong experience and stories from life at sea. They all put their heart and soul into the remarkable accomplishment of keeping the coaster Caroline S at sea.

We are proud to celebrate the anniversary of Caroline S. We, as Aller Aqua, are pleased to celebrate 22 years of innovation and foresight.