Farmer support

Empowering Cameroonian farmers: Aller Aqua and MAVECAM's partnership for successful customer seminars

As evidence of our commitment and dedication to supporting the aquaculture industry in Cameroon, Aller Aqua, in collaboration with MAVECAM, our esteemed partner in Cameroon, recently conducted two highly successful seminars that brought together more than 130 eager customers in two days.

The events in the country’s commercial city of Douala and the capital, Yaoundé, attracted eager customers to expand their knowledge and enhance their farming businesses.

These seminars provided a unique platform for our customers to provide honest feedback, enabling us to understand their needs better. The interactive sessions fostered a sense of community and customer trust as attendees shared their challenges and experiences. It was an opportunity to build lasting relationships, strengthen existing partnerships, and forge new connections with our fish farmers. Aller Aqua and MAVECAM recognized this as an opportunity to gain valuable insights to improve our customer focus, innovation, and knowledge-sharing values with the local farmers.

Our presentations to the farmers focused on the best use of Aller aqua feeds in optimising performance in their fish farms, improving profitability, and ensuring sustainable growth. Additionally, we shared guidelines for making sound economic decisions on the farm, empowering our customers to manage their farms more confidently and clearly. Our partnership with MAVECAM is highlighted here, emphasizing their unwavering commitment to enhancing the customer experience and providing seamless delivery logistics for local farmers and newcomers. Beyond the best feed application methods in fish farming, the seminars also emphasized the significance of farm biosecurity. We gave participants valuable insights and practical guidelines to implement biosecurity on their farms.

Recognizing the importance of continuous learning, Aller Aqua and MAVECAM equipped participants with the brand tools to improve their technical operations. Participants were also rewarded with prizes for their active participation and engagement.

"The seminar was truly memorable because our learning was infused with excitement and fun, says Vasthi, a young fish farmer. We learned many improvements for our fish farming business and received a lot of technical tools and gift items. Aller Aqua created a sense of collaboration amongst us, encouraging us to learn from one another and collectively improve the fish farming business in Cameroon,” she says.

"The energy and enthusiasm permeating each session were simply contagious. As the sessions concluded, a palpable sense of inspiration lingered. Our customers left with a renewed sense of purpose and valuable insights to propel their farming business sustainably", says Dr. Joel Koulou, Aller Aqua’s Area Sales Manager in Cameroon.

"The success of the seminars in Douala and Yaoundé signifies the importance of collaboration, knowledge-sharing and continuous improvement for fish farmers. Aller Aqua and MAVECAM have demonstrated their commitment to being reliable partners for farmers, providing them with the tools and knowledge to thrive and succeed. As partners, we have a shared vision of a prosperous and sustainable aquaculture industry in Cameroon", says Dave, the managing director at MAVECAM

"These seminars prove our commitment to empowering fish farmers, facilitating knowledge exchange, and supporting a thriving aquaculture industry in Cameroon", says Pascal Pajaniaye, the Area Sales Manager, Africa.

Moving forward, Aller Aqua remains steadfast in its dedication to nurturing positive relationships and exploring avenues of collaboration across Africa. As a gold sponsor to the Aquaculture Africa (AFRAQ23) of the World Aquaculture Society to hold on November 13 – 16, 2023 at Lusaka, Zambia, we continue to create opportunities for growth, innovation, and sustainable development in the aquaculture sector.