The course of actions that cut CO2 emissions by 17%

Aller Aqua achieved a significant milestone in August 2021 by becoming the first fish feed company to be verified to label the entire product portfolio CO2-equivalents according to the PEFCR standard. 

In addition, we recently achieved re-verification of the carbon footprint labelling methodology.

The implemented methodology and the actual numbers of the Aller Aqua raw materials and feed for 2022 are verified by third-party certification body, Bureau Veritas before the GWPs of the feed get published on datasheets and on labels.

The figures will be updated once a year, followed by an internal audit of data quality and external verification. 

The verified CO2 numbers ensure our focus on emissions. From here we can start making choices and help develop the entire aquaculture sector to grow in a continuously sustainable direction while encouraging transparency.

Recent Aller Aqua initiatives, such as switching raw material suppliers to those with lower environmental impact, have proven more cost-effective and sustainable.

These adaptions gave a reduction in CO2–eq-emissions (incl. land use change) by 17% on an annual basis, and for that we are proud.

"We are always looking for ways to improve our operations so that the entire value chain and the environment in which we live can benefit. We encounter situations in the course of our everyday business that call for difficult decisions that will ultimately lead to better outcomes, and so we act.'' Anders Bylling Group Vice President of Aller Aqua.

Aller Aqua seeks to add value by ensuring that its chosen method is widely applicable.

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