Working in industrial jobs

Last year Aller aqua entered a cooperation with the Region of Southern Denmark and the triangle region Denmark called “Industrien som Karrierevej” (choosing industry as a career path). The project is built around a concept of an industrial business adopting a 5th grade.

The idea is that the business and the 5th grade continue to cooperate through teaching and company visits, until the class leaves school after 9th grade. The aim of the project is to show young people that there are many interesting careers and options, besides academic studies, and to facilitate collaboration between public schools and the surrounding society.

Aller Aqua started with a 5th grade from Christiansfeld School in 2018, where the 22 pupils visited us twice with their teacher. The children are now in 6th grade. They visited us in March for a practical introduction to production, laboratory work and marketing respectively. The children were divided into three groups.

One of the students commented: “It has been a very interesting and educational day and we now know much more about Aller Aqua fish feed and how marketing works. We hope we can visit you again soon. Thank you for letting us come today”

We are experiencing the adoption concept as positive. The children are engaged and ask questions. They seemed genuinely interested in Aller Aqua and the business of aquaculture.

Marketing coordinator Pernille Franck explained: “For Aller Aqua it is positive that we can engage the local school and generate interest for working locally in industrial jobs. These children will be the workforce of the future. It is also exciting to see the increased awareness about aquaculture as a business and the interest in fish as a healthy food.”