Aller Aqua sponsors the 1st WAS African Chapter event to be held in Egypt

The 1st annual international conference & exposition of the African chapter of the world aquaculture society (afraq2020) will be held in Alexandria, Egypt (November 28th – December 1st, 2020) with the involvement from aquaculture players (governments, developmental agencies, NGO’s, industry players, researchers, experts, students, other value chain actors and collaborators), from Africa and around the world.

As the founding gold sponsors of the World Aquaculture Society’s (WAS) African Chapter Aller Aqua are proud to also sponsor the chapter’s first official event, which is to be held in Egypt. This 1st Aquaculture Africa Conference will be held one year after the establishment of African Chapter of WAS – and hence it is a special celebratory moment for achieving this significant milestone.

In recent years Aller Aqua has grown significantly in the African markets. This has happened based on the company’s “Let’s grow together approach” paired with the quality of the feed, the results the feed creates for customers and not least dedicated staffs and knowledge sharing.

The inaugural conference will highlight some of the latest aquaculture research, innovations and investments to underpin continued growth of the aquaculture sector in Africa and will comprise a scientific forum (oral/poster presentations), trade exhibition, industry forums, workshops, student events, receptions and other organized meetings. Keynote speakers from Africa and beyond are expected.

With two factories on the continent Aller Aqua is heavily invested in African aquaculture and has a dedicated feeding range for Tilapia. The feeds are called TIL-PRO and is sold all over Africa. The formulation is targeted specifically to meet the needs of tilapia under different farming methods and is produced using locally sourced raw materials of the highest quality. An increasing number of tilapia farmers in Africa are utilising the popular feeding range, which helps them achieve shorter production cycles, consistent fish sizes, improved FCR and better economic value.

During the company’s fast growth on the African continent several initiatives has been started to support the development of aquaculture. Aller Aqua has hosted seminars in numerous locations, participated in events and supported farmers both during upstart of new fish farms, as well as at more established farms. Aller Aqua are also engaged in the local communities and support initiatives which makes a positive difference.

In Egypt, Hussien Mansour (CEO of Aller Aqua Egypt), has established means of transportation, good employment conditions as well as health and life insurance for staffs. Not only does these initiatives provide a better working environment, it also gives happier staff and increased productivity.

“It is very exciting that the WAS African Chapter has decided on hosting its first event in Alexandria.” Says CEO of Aller Aqua Egypt, Hussien Mansour “I am proud to be on the steering committee, and happy that the event will be hosted in my country. We are dedicated to producing high quality fish feed for the African market, and getting involved with the WAS African Chapter is a good addition to the ongoing support we provide for an increase in African aquaculture.”