Fry feed

A new start for fish larvae and fry launching 27th august 2018

- By Dr Robert Tillner, product manager, Aller aqua research

The reliable production of high quality offspring is paramount for successful aquaculture. This is true for both a shift from quantity to quality in established species as well as for closing the lifecycle of new candidate species. High mortality rates can occur in hatcheries if abiotic and biotic conditions are not within tightly framed optima, which is a consequence of the reproductive strategy of many teleost fish species.

The cultivation of many species still relies on the provision of live feed in the early stages. In fact, the discovery and extensive use of rotifers and Artemia may have been the main driving force behind the tremendous growth in aquaculture production so far. Nevertheless, the tremendous efforts in research for manufactured diets in the recent years has substituted live feeds to a large extent.

Aller Aqua has increased its efforts to supply fish in the early life-stages with optimal and tailored feeds. Some fish species benefit from more energy-rich feeds such as fry of rainbow trout, whereas other fish species thrive on feeds with less energy. A series of trials at Aller Aqua Research in Buesum, Germany have shown significantly higher growth, lower FCR and improved nutrient retention in fry of rainbow trout when fed a more energy-rich feed. Consequently, Aller Aqua relaunches its successful ALLER FUTURA EX GR with a higher fat and energy content, fully dedicated to the nutritional requirements of rainbow trout and other salmonids. At the same time, Aller Aqua launches ALLER THALASSA EX GR with a balanced protein to fat ratio, more suited to larvae and fry of marine species as well as species with lesser energy requirements.

New premium starter diet for fish larvae and early fry

For the most delicate early stages Aller Aqua introduces its new premium starter diet for fish larvae and early fry, ALLER INFA EX GR, assembling only premium ingredients, including high levels of krill meal, and the highest standards in production technology. With particle sizes down to 0.1 mm, ALLER INFA EX GR (INFA short for latin “infans”) acknowledges the immature and delicate stages of fish larvae and early fry in the best possible manner to support healthy development, fast growth and high survival rates.

Aller Aqua Hatchery Pack – Improved growth and health of larvae and fry

The larvae of many fish species are not fully developed at the time they start feeding, some lack a fully developed stomach with the complete range in digestive enzymes, and the digestion of feed particles as well as the nutrient uptake is of highest importance to match the high potential for growth.

To aid the developing fish in their digestive processes and organ development, ALLER FUTURA EX GR, ALLER THALASSA EX GR and ALLER INFA EX GR are naturally enhanced to support organ development and health of the liver and the gallbladder. Consecutively, this leads to an enhanced secretion of digestive enzymes, improved nutrient uptake as well as improved growth and health of larvae and fry.

Aller Aqua Hatchery Pack