Premium RAS shrimp feed: VDS and Aller Aqua collaborate to provide high-quality RAS shrimp feed

As the aquaculture industry continues to grow, there is an increasing need for sustainable feed production and supply. Shrimp farming, in particular, has become increasingly popular due to the high demand for this species both domestically and internationally.

At Aller Aqua, we are committed to providing high-quality feed to our partners and take pride in our role in supporting the aquaculture industry's growth.
In partnership with VDS, a premix specialist, Aller Aqua has developed a range of feed products that are specifically designed for use in shrimp RAS systems.

These systems are becoming increasingly popular in Europe as they allow to produce high-quality, fresh shrimp products with short distances to

The new feed products developed by Aller Aqua and VDS are designed to provide rapid feed availability and high feed performance, addressing key concerns of shrimp producers.

“We look back at a long cooperation with VDS as experienced partner in shrimp feed production. Together, we noticed the same shrimp producer demands about feed availability and performance as well as physical quality. With the growing demand, we found it was time to get together and develop an optimal feed for shrimp farmed in RAS”, says Hanno Slawski, Group R&D Director of Aller Aqua.

“Feeds have been tested in our own RAS system, where we found faster growth and remarkably even size distribution of shrimp with the now market-ready products. Shrimp farmed in RAS is a growing market and our feed concentrate solution in combination with Aller Aqua’s experience in feed manufacturing, raw material selection, and high standard for physical pellet quality, have led to a range of products that have already gained customer attention”, says Koen Blanchaert, CEO of VDS.

The success of the on-farm trials conducted using the new feed products has generated significant interest among shrimp producers and the aquaculture industry. The new feed has proved to deliver faster growth and a more even size distribution of shrimp, improving the efficiency and profitability of
shrimp farming operations.

At Aller Aqua we use the highest quality raw materials in our aquafeed formulations. This ensures that our feeds not only supply the nutrition required for healthy growth and development but are also safe and environmentally sustainable, fostering responsible aquaculture practices.

Aller Aqua and VDS will continue to play a leading role in the development of new and innovative aquafeeds that support the expansion of the aquaculture industry as demand for high-quality, sustainable seafood grows.