Dorota Tatyrza
Logistics Coordinator

Meet Dorota Tatyrza, Logistics Coordinator

Every day is a new challenge I love to learn from

Who am I?

My name is Dorota. I come from Poland, and I graduated from EUD Business school in Vejle in logistics. 

I hold a postgraduate degree in Social Sciences and have work experience helping people with social and interpersonal challenges.

What do I do?

I started at Aller Aqua as a logistics student assistant and now I have a full-time position as Logistics Coordinator. Being in an international company requires a positive attitude, being organized, and being able to think out of the box. Part of my daily operations is to communicate with transportation companies and assist with the delivery of feed and other materials.

I am glad that I can incorporate my postgraduate background in Social Sciences into different planning and organizing matters as well as use my skills in communication and interpersonal skills.

The innovation and creative solutions we use at Aller Aqua enable us to achieve unique, strategic goals and to successfully deliver the fish feed we produce across the world.

Keeping the customers happy, is the focus of our department, and we continuously strive to get better. 

Aller Aqua, the ideal place for me 

Having the opportunity to use my international background in my daily work has always been my goal, and at Aller Aqua this is perceived as an asset. Most of my colleagues have been working at Aller Aqua ever since its foundation, and this has given me the advantage of learning from the best.

Being part of Aller Aqua helps me practice and improve my Danish language skills as well as helps me interact with many other cultures at the same time. Here I am not just an employee, but part of a greater community.

''I was heard and trusted from day one and I am grateful for all the support and professional help’’

Work-life balance

I love to be active and engage in different sports in my free time. Some of my favorite hobbies and sports are ice swimming, fitness, and climbing. It is important to maintain a balanced lifestyle for a healthy and productive life.