Torben Overgaard Jensen
Extruder Operator

Meet Torben Overgaard Jensen, Extruder Operator

For every bag of fish feed produced, we perform quality checks and supervise the processes closely.

Who am I?

My name is Torben, and I started working at Aller Aqua in the position of operator 22 years ago.  

For every bag of fish feed produced, we perform quality checks and supervise the processes closely.

What do I do?

As an extruder operator, I perform regular inspections keeping the wheels rolling while reassuring that the operations match the standards, and the quality Aller Aqua delivers to its farmers. Additionally, I monitor and maintain the production machines which are a vital component of the manufacturing process. 

Why I like working at Aller Aqua? 

My workdays are always different, and every day holds a new challenge, which is something I always look forward to. At Aller Aqua you will become part of an international family. The employees have the freedom to work independently, and it is possible to make a big impact.  

Work-life balance

At Aller Aqua we focus on being efficient rather than working hours, and this mindset gives the employees a work-life balance.
I enjoy spending my free time going out with family and friends.