It is well known that different fish species have different nutritional requirements. To promote fish growth and fish health, Aller Aqua focuses on the development of functional feeds that support beneficial physiological effects that go beyond traditional feed formulations.

Carnivorous fish can utilize dietary long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LC-PUFA), but they have a limited ability to elongate shorter-chain dietary fatty acids into LC-PUFA. Those polyunsaturated fatty acids are a fundamental part of the health claims of fish products in human nutrition.

Industrial farming of carnivorous marine species exposes the fish to stress and environmental challenges. The high level of marine ingredients improves anti-inflammatory processes and ensures a high digestibility of lipids with general benefits to fish health and good growth.


A stressful environment and challenging growth periods may show impaired fish health and reduced growth.

Carnivorous species primarily raised on vegetable oils lack the content of desired highly unsaturated fatty acids in the final product.


High contents of n-3 and n-6 fatty acids in oils from marine sources help protect against cardiovascular, nervous, inflammatory, and immune diseases. They promote the growth and health status of the fish and help establish the desired contents in the final product for human consumption.


OCEAN OMEGA are tailored to Mediterranean fish species and account for the special nutritional needs of these species. The fatty acid profile of the fish oil will be reflected in the flesh of the fish and results in a fillet rich in EPA and DHA.

Please contact your local Aller Aqua representative for more information about how OCEAN OMEGA can make a difference on your farm.