Winter sores and jaw infections are among the top threats to the health of salmon in fish farms. But now a new functional fish feed from Aller Aqua helps improve the fish’s natural skin health and thereby preventing the plague.

SUPPORT™ D - Prevention before Treatment

Read about the benefits of the new formula for salmon farming

Skin health

SUPPORT™ D improves salmon's natural mucus layers, supporting their skin health. This enhancement reduces the occurrence of winter sores and jaw infections.

Reduced mortality

By supporting the fish's mucus layers, SUPPORT™ D effectively lowers the prevalence of parasites and harmful microbes in fish farms. This reduction significantly diminishes the occurrence of sores, decreasing it from 12% to 2% within a short timeframe of less than a year.

Increased welfare of fish

SUPPORT™ D acts as a proactive measure against common threats to salmon health and supports overall skin health by boosting the fish’s own mucus layers, thus preventing parasites and microbes from festering and causing problems.

When to use SUPPORT™ D

Use SUPPORT D at least 30 days before the potential onset of a disease.

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