Fish feed adapted to nutritional needs and farming conditions

Grower feeds

Aller Aqua offers grower feeds for more than 30 species of fish, including trout, tilapia, carp, sturgeon sea bass, sea bream and many more. Each feed is adapted to the specific nutritional needs of each species. A blend of carefully selected raw materials, and a production which conforms to the highest quality standards, results in grower feeds which provide all the essential nutrients and energy required by growing fish.

The feeds are not only adapted to the nutritional requirements of the fish, but also the different farming conditions are taken into account to offer the best economic results for our customers.
Like other types of feed from Aller Aqua, the grower feeds have been thoroughly tested in numerous trials at Aller Aqua Research, partner institutes and trial farms and are continuously evaluated and optimised utilising the latest research within fish nutrition and feed production.

The result is feeds optimised to promote fast growth as well as healthy fish, and thus the biggest possible yield for our customers.


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