Aller Gold trials show excellent FCR-results

In trials carried out on an independent Danish fish farm under general production conditions, Aller Gold showed excellent results. The FCR was found to be between 0.68 - 0.80 for fish up to 180 gr.

The ongoing trials were initiated by Aller Aqua to document that Aller Gold is performing at a constant high level at all times, and we are glad to say that we were not disappointed. FCR was consistently low and started below 0.7 for 50 gr fish.

During recent years a continuous improvement in the recipe has been carried out to enhance feed performance and competitiveness. Aller Aqua Research is constantly testing and choosing the best performing raw materials of the highest quality to ensure first-class feeds to our customers.

 When you feed with Aller Gold you get:

  • the optimum mix of raw materials to support the best possible FCR, growth and health of your trout

  • a thoroughly researched and tested feed at a competitive price

  • a seasonally optimized feed for optimum effect at no extra cost (Aller Gold is included in our Temperature Adapted Feeds concept for both the Spring Edition and the Winter Edition)

Hans Erik Bylling, CEO of Aller Aqua explains: “Aller Gold is one of our finest products for trout and it is a product that I am proud of selling to our customers. I receive a lot of positive feedback on both technical quality and performance. Our R&D department, led by Dr. Hanno Slawski, continuously works hard at getting the best results that we can pass on to our customers, and I can see all the hard work paying off.”