Aller Loop – accelerating growth of carp

Growing carp in warm waters, either in constantly warm cooling water from power plants or in net cages outdoor during summer, requires adapted feeds with a unique nutrient composition to meet the special demands under these conditions.

To keep up with the high growth potential of carp, increased contents of highly available phosphorus needs to be delivered by the feed to secure healthy bone development and structure and to avoid skeletal deformities. Higher contents of protein and fat in the feed secure fast and healthy growth and compensate for the lack of natural food in indoor systems and net cages outdoor.

In addition, juvenile carp in outdoor rearing systems are prone to heavy predation by cormorants with high losses due to eaten and deadly wounded fish. Therefore, carp need to grow fast to outgrow the critical size range and to avoid predation.

In close collaboration with customers, Aller Aqua has developed Aller Loop as a special feed for rearing carp in unique rearing systems. With a protein content of 40% and a fat content of 24% Aller Loop delivers the nutrients needed for fast and healthy growing, provided by a blend of highly available raw materials of marine and terrestrial origin. Healthy bone development is secured by an increased content of available phosphorus.

With Aller Loop, our customers grow carp from 30g to 400g in the winter period until April under constantly warm temperatures. Growing carp in net cages in the summer, Aller Loop achieves fast growth to avoid heavy predation by cormorants.