Fast growing tilapia fry with Aller Parvo EX

Regarded as the optimal fry feed for tilapia, Aller Parvo EX has contributed to the success of tilapia hatcheries across Africa. Developed and tested by AAR, then introduced in Egypt, the feed offers an optimal nutrient composition and physical properties for hatchery farming conditions in Africa. 

Tilapia fry are produced semi-intensively, and zooplankton provides nutrients to the fish besides the feed. But when zooplankton availability becomes sparse, the feed must supply all required nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for optimal growth.  

The raw material composition of Aller Parvo EX triggers the appetite of the fish and initiates a search response. The feed granules, slowly sinking after passing the water surface, are therefore quickly found and ingested by the fry. Due to their huge surface, feed granules are faster hydrolysed in the fish stomach than pellets with a smooth surface. Fish fry benefit from these characteristics because their enzymatic digestion system is not yet fully developed and requires a big contact surface between the fish gut and feed materials for efficient nutrient utilization. The faster the granules are broken down in the stomach, the faster they enter the fish gut for nutrient absorption. 

The physical characteristic of the granules is key to high nutrient digestibility and absorption. And by shortening the gut passage time, the fry returns to feeding more quickly. And with more nutrients being ingested in a given time, the fry eventually grows faster. The varied sizes of the granules follow the growth of the fry and provide the ideal size of particles at any development stage. 

Finally, the biggest particles of Aller Parvo EX serve as the perfect bridge from the fry stage to the pre-grower stage, when pellets of 2 mm are required.