A guide on how to get CO2 verified as a fish farmer

In August 2021, Aller Aqua became the first fish feed company in the world to get verified in CO2 labelling, recognized by the PEFCR Feed for food-producing animals, and Bureau Veritas conducted the verification process.

Being able to measure and report the CO2 emissions of your products is an increasingly important tool for creating full transparency and for mitigating global climate change.

The first step towards CO2 reduction is to understand your products’ carbon footprint. This gives an important overview and foundation for making decisions.

The opportunity to measure and document the CO2 footprint of your products verified by a third party can give your business a competitive edge thus transparency with your clients and the world. It also allows you to identify simple fixes and ensures your ability to focus your business and initiate climate-supportive efforts in the most efficient way.

If you are a fish farmer and interested in the CO2 labelling of your fish, Bureau Veritas has created a simplified guide on where to start and how to achieve it.

Being the first aquafeed company worldwide to label the carbon footprint of the entire product portfolio by the recognized PEFCR (Product Environment Footprint Category Rules) principles Feed for food-producing animals, we are very pleased to be able to create full transparency for our customers and help fish farmers to be better equipped for future demands.

You are welcome to contact Aller Aqua and Bureau Veritas to hear more about the process.