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31. 01. 2023

Aller Aqua's new fish feed concept results in increased survival rates and reduced disease outbreaks in farms

Aiming to keep the use of antibiotics in aquaculture to a minimum and considering the fact that more and more fish farms are becoming certified antibiotic-free, the research world is focusing its efforts on identifying new products with antibacterial action. These substances are derived primarily from plant products, ensuring that the final consumer fish is both healthy and free of antibiotic residues.

This forefront development is now integrated into all sectors of the livestock industry and has been for the past few years in the world of aquaculture as well.

We at Aller Aqua have pursued this path by identifying and testing various new molecules, in our Research and Development center and directly on fish farms.

The research resulted in the development of a new feed for Aller Aqua called Support L, which has proven significant efficacy in preventing bacterial diseases that most commonly affect fish farms by boosting fish health and immunity. The field tests, which were monitored by veterinarian experts and pharmaceutical company specialists, included both saltwater and freshwater fish species.

The feed enriched with these active ingredients was tested in hatcheries and grow-out of char and rainbow trout, as well as bass and sea bream, for the prevention of flavobacteriosis, aeromoniasis, yersiniosis (red mouth), vibriosis (listonella), and pasteurellosis (photobacterium).

The fish's health improved significantly after about a month of testing the functional feed Support L. Disease outbreaks were reduced or eliminated, resulting in increased survival and a significant reduction in the use of medicated feed.

The tests were carried out on farms where endemic diseases were present.

  • Char - chronically affected by furunculosis, a disease to which they are highly susceptible.
  • Rainbow trout fry - frequently subject to flavobacteriosis and yersiniosis (red mouth).
  • Bass and bream fry - infected with endemic polybacteriosis such as Aeromonas and Vibrio.
  • Sea bass in sea cages - at risk of pasteurellosis and vibriosis, diseases that have been on the rise in recent years due to the concentration of production sites and increased seasonal temperatures.

The positive effects of preventive treatment were remarkable in all of the above cases. Significantly reduced mortality because of disease reduction or elimination, as well as improved fish health and performance.

Support L is a product created for preventive use. Depending on the type of breeding and disease background, Support L can be used as seasonally and/or continuously, and it is recommended to start at least 30 days before the potential onset of a disease.

Aller Support L is not a medicated feed and thus cannot be used as a direct treatment in cases of occurring disease.

It is important to emphasize that prevention is better than cure and this is the case with Aller Support L functional feed.

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