AFRAQ2021 has ended after four eventful days

We are happy and inspired after four eventful days at the Bibliotheca in Alexandria.

We were happy to see many happy customers, partners, academics, competitors and others involved in the aquaculture sector come together at AFRAQ2021.

It was excellent seeing people being together in an event advocating sustainable aquaculture in the African continent.

We particularly enjoyed discussing aquaculture and sustainability with everyone visiting our booth and attending our sponsored sessions on Tilapia nutrition, Catfish feeding, Customer session, and All Africa Aquaculture. 

The sessions included an interesting line of speakers and experts from the aquaculture sector.
Aller Aqua's experts were delighted to have met so many customers, partners and others who showed a high interest in learning more about sustainable practices in aquaculture.

We are so proud and grateful for the special cooperation we have built with WASAC and the support that we together can provide for the African aquaculture sector.

Thank you to everyone who attended and helped make this event special!

Let’s grow together!