Sustainable Aquaculture – Feeding Africa


Sustainability is a key topic at AFRAQ2021 and something we at Aller Aqua focus on through our feeding solutions for farmers in Africa and around the world. Feeding Africa sustainably is possible when farms are optimized for growing healthy fish. Feed plays a crucial role in ensuring fast growth and health of fish, which ultimately leads to optimum results, reduced waste, and sustainable farming.

Aller Aqua remains dedicated to the African aquaculture sector. This is evident through our expansion on the continent, the support and advice we offer farmers as well as the seminars we host to help fish farmers achieve their full farming potential. At the same time, we work with governmental institutions and NGOs to create better conditions for the aquaculture sector. Additionally, Aller Aqua are proud to be founding gold sponsor of the World Aquaculture Society’s African Chapter.

“Aller Aqua wants to leave a positive mark on the markets they are present in. Particularly on the African continent, we have had success with hosting seminars to help farmers achieve great results. At the same time, we have invested many research hours in developing feeds particularly suited for both African species and farming methods. We believe that this is how we have the biggest positive impact on the aquaculture value chain.”  Explains Ole Haubro, Sales Director Africa for Aller Aqua. “I was happy to learn that the focus for AFRAQ2021 is Sustainable Aquaculture – Feeding Africa. It is important for farmers to focus on growing a sustainable business. Using the right feed reduces waste, improves the growth and health of fish and in turn enables the farmers to create a better business. This leads to healthy nutritional meals for people in the local area. We make a real difference here!”

At AFRAQ2021 Aller Aqua has sponsored both the sessions on tilapia nutrition and catfish feeding.

“We have sponsored the two sessions focusing on nutrition to be able to share our knowledge and the latest research. At the same time, it enables farmers to put a face to the experts we have available and learn about the solutions we can provide for some of the issues they face in the sector or on their farms. We are happy to share what we know to help develop the African aquaculture value chain.” Explains Dr Abd El Rahman Khattaby, Marketing & Technical Support Manager at Aller Aqua Egypt.

During AFRAQ2021 Aller Aqua sponsors or hosts the following events:

  • Saturday 26th of March 2022, 14:00-16:00, Room: Theatre
    Sustainable Aquaculture by Aller Aqua – Customer session
    The session is open and includes an interesting line-up of speakers focusing on nutrition, disease prevention and water parameters for sustainable farming and feeding Africa.

  • Sunday 27th of March 2022, 10:40-12:00, Room: Lecture
    Tilapia Nutrition session sponsored by Aller Aqua
    Keynote speaker: Dr Abd El Rahman Khattaby, Marketing & Technical Support Manager, Aller Aqua Egypt

  • Sunday 27th March, 17:40:19:40, Small Theatre
    All Africa Aquaculture by WAS AC
    A session with the focus on how we at Aller Aqua show our dedication to the development of the aquaculture sector in Africa.

  • Monday 28th of March 2022, 10:40-12:00, Room: Lecture
    Catfish Feeding session sponsored by Aller Aqua
    Keynote speaker: Dr Hanno Slawski, Research & Development Director, Aller Aqua Group

Talk to our team and partake in our sessions to learn more. Meet us at stand 25+26 to hear more about sustainable aquaculture nutrition created for optimum results and targeted to your specific species.


  • Owns two factories in Africa located in Egypt and Zambia

  • Aller Aqua has established sales companies in Nigeria and Ghana

  • Distributes fish feed via distributors in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Benin, Angola and Togo

  • Aller Aqua has its own sales teams for Kenya, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Ghana, Nigeria, Tunisia and Tanzania