Aller Aqua - IDH collaboration in Kenya

The commercialization of our grower tilapia production project was launched on 27.10.2023

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of our recent agreement with IDH in the Kenyan market.

IDH is an international company with a commitment to bringing together stakeholders to create joint visions and program agendas for sustainable trade and development. As one of Aller Aqua's deepest commitments is sustainability, it is a perfect match to join forces and grow together.

The commercialization of our grower Tilapia Production project was launched on 27 October 2023. This project is financed by IDH, Aller Aqua, and our partner in Kenya, Bayrise. The project aims to build inclusive, gender-balanced supply chains while promoting sustainable aquaculture in Kenya’s Migori and Homabay Counties.

Aller Aqua’s commitment to sustainable aquaculture initiatives in Africa is in strong correlation with IDH's vision to achieve a sustainable and inclusive aquaculture food system in Kenya. The primary goal of this collaborative project is to improve income generation and resilience through sustainable aquaculture in Kenya.

The project is an important step towards achieving our goals of supporting local communities and contributing to the growth of the aquaculture industry in the region.

This will be achieved by enhancing accessibility to critical inputs such as high-quality feeds and fingerlings, equipping smallholder fish farmers with technical training to boost the quality and quantity of their fish, and facilitating market access for their produce.

The project is designed to create a sustainable business model for fish production that not only drives economic growth but also embodies social responsibility and environmental consciousness. This project will promote entrepreneurship and sustainable aquaculture by implementing out-grower models and aqua-hubs as viable business models. By establishing these models, we aim to create income-generating opportunities in Kenya.

The project will demonstrate that smallholder farmers can thrive economically and contribute to job creation within the aquaculture value chain. By doing so, it will not only empower the farmers but also strengthen the aquaculture sector in Kenya.

We're proud that this initiative will directly impact the lives of more than 300 smallholder farmers and help them realize their potential, becoming more successful contributors to the sustainable growth of the aquaculture industry in Africa.