Working together - Aller Aqua and Aqua Cap farms, Algeria

Aqua Cap's journey with Aller Aqua is a heartwarming tale of dedication and genuine partnership.

In 2020, Aller Aqua's team first connected with Aqua Cap, a first-generation farm. The owner, Said, was once part of the gas industry but was inspired to provide more affordable fish for families in Algeria after a poignant encounter.

Said, who was working in the gas industry at the time, was having his lunch at a restaurant where he witnessed the conversation between a father and son. The son was looking at some fish and was sad that his father could not afford it.

Determined to make a change, Said established Aqua Cap on the sun-kissed, seafront Bejaia area in Algeria. However, the farm encountered challenges, especially due to unfavourable weather conditions. Said, a dedicated entrepreneur with deep love for fishing, especially tuna fish, taught himself about fish farming. His extensive travels across Algeria and other countries such as Italy, Korea and China have equipped him with valuable knowledge and wisdom which he shares generously with his team and suppliers.

 In February 2021, Aqua cap began its partnership with Aller Aqua. With the help of Aller Aqua’s high-quality feeds and a dedicated team, the farm quickly recovered from the weather-related disasters they had faced.

Today, Aqua Cap operates with 6 cages and employs 6 individuals, producing 350-400g Bream. Aller Aqua's technical approach, feed efficiency, and flexibility played crucial roles in this success.

Recently, Said and his dedicated team extended a warm welcome to Aller Aqua while visiting the farm. They discussed the farming experiences and processes at Aqua cap, sharing knowledge and offering insights for sustainable farming practices. During this visit, they worked together, sampling and testing the thriving Bream in the cages.

 The partnership between Aller Aqua and Aqua Cap has been transformational. Said says ‘Facing the ever-changing weather conditions have sometimes been unfavorable for Aquaculture. The team at Aller Aqua is always ready to help and have built a strong bond with the farm. They provide support and Aller Aqua’s high-quality feeds, helps the farm to swiftly recover from weather-related disasters. Aller Aqua has not only been a reliable feeds supplier, but a valuable partner at the times of need.”

 Aqua Cap's journey with Aller Aqua is a heartwarming tale of dedication and genuine partnership. It's a story where Said's dream of making affordable fish accessible becomes a reality, one cage of Bream at a time.

It is a testament of our team's dedication to ensuring that our partners succeed every time!