Meet Aller Aqua at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh

We will be in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27).

COP27 is a high-level climate action event that aims to reduce carbon emissions through strong climate change adaptations and practical actions.

Hussien Mansour, CEO of Aller Aqua Egypt, will attend the conference "Adaptations and Agricultural Day" on the Green Zone on November 12th, and then participate in the session "Can small and medium farmers in Egypt and Saharan Africa feed the World?" at Hall A from 17:00–18:00.

Mr Hussien has a strong foundation in agriculture and aquaculture. Aside from being a well-known name in the Egyptian industry, Mr Hussien is the Chairman of the Danish Business Club in Cairo and works with officials on charitable projects, promoting Danish-Egyptian business relationships.

We are delighted to attend COP27 to discuss sustainability in the aquaculture and fish feed sector, as well as to share how Aller Aqua supports climate change action by optimising our production facilities, supporting the aquaculture value chain by sharing know-how and relying heavily on research and development for feed optimization.

"We know aquaculture is the most sustainable way of producing livestock protein, but the industry is young and still learning, so we must continue to spread the knowledge and the expertise across the value chain to help the industry grow sustainably and responsibly." Hussien Mansour.

At Aller Aqua, sustainability is the way we do business. For us, sustainable business is profitable and beneficial to the environment.

We strongly address the industry's need for CO2 footprint transparency and action. In 2021, we became the first fish feed company to CO2-label the equivalents of the entire product portfolio in accordance with the PEFCR standard.

This project facilitated better choices across the value chain which led to a reduction in CO2–eq-emissions (incl. land use change) of 17% on an annual basis.

Transparency allows for a clear view of opportunities for improvement and a more sustainable, and thus profitable business.

We hope that COP27 will motivate industry stakeholders to act and move towards a more transparent and sustainable future.