A conversation with Dr Alexander Greiling at Aller Aqua Zambia

"Fish farmers can achieve a high output by providing high-quality fish feed to their farms." Dr Alexander M. Greiling, Aller Aqua's Research Manager for Sub-Sahara Africa

Aller Aqua's family consists of aquaculture enthusiasts, experts, and specialists who have been building the industry over the years and are making a difference in various markets.

Every component of these efforts is important to us and to the industry itself.

Dr Alexander M. Greiling, Aller Aqua's Research Manager for Sub-Sahara Africa, is one of the industry's experts and contributors to the development of the sector and Aller Aqua.

Dr Alexander's early involvement in recirculating aquaculture trial stations and laboratory analysis during his agricultural biology studies in Germany provided him with a deep comprehension of the basics and an opportunity to evolve his career in the aquaculture sector, thus choosing majors such as nutrition, parasitology, animal production, and others.

Dr Alexander is currently based in Zambia, where he provides administrative support to Aller Aqua Zambia as well as runs continuous trials at Aller Aqua’s Trial Station and in specific trial locations in the region.

It is part of his daily routine to provide the teams with the necessary knowledge to ensure an effective day.

“We inspect raw materials, monitor our feed performance, perform export checks, and investigate quality issues. Customer service is an important part of our daily work. We provide technical feedback as well as detailed information about feed, fish, farming, and so on. “-Dr. Alexander M. Greiling

Dr Alexander and his team assist fish farmers by sharing knowledge and providing practical farm management expertise. Water quality management in ponds is a major concern for farmers, and many others are unfamiliar with the financial aspects of running a business.

“We help our partners and customers with farm management, feeding charts, harvesting, biological advice, feeding trials, business financial understanding, and others. It is vital for a farmer to understand that investment in the right fish feed can increase profit and farm output. Healthy fish means a healthy business." — says Dr Alexander.

Dr Alexander and his team participate in government committees where they provide input on feed standards, sector policies, and aquaculture research. Aller Aqua Zambia frequently receives ministry visits as well as meetings with industry stakeholders.

These efforts are assisting the aquaculture industry in gaining more attention, which is a positive indication for the future of the sector in Zambia.

"We make sure there is quality feed for the farmers, and, by that, we help ensure there is food on the tables of many families. We encourage involvement in aquaculture as it is a reliable and healthy protein industry, and farmers get support along the way." – Dr Alexander M. Greiling.