Dr. Florian Nagel announced as speaker at WCAF 2016-in Qingdao, China

The conference program comprises: 

  • Opening ceremony

  • Keynote speakers covering subjects such as the World’s and China’s aquaculture growth, demand and challenges

  • 200+ innovators, key players, investors and decision makers

  • 90+ oral presentations from industrial leaders, academics, and business executives

The program aims to unite the aquaculture industry with scientific research by means of presentations and networking. You should leave the event wiser and with a long list of new contacts.

The long list of renowned speakers includes Dr. Florian Nagel from Aller Aqua Research. Dr. Nagel will present Aller Aqua’s Vitamax concept, and further inform about Aller Aqua Qingdao and its expected contribution to Chinese aquaculture.

If you are curious about the topics, we encourage you to take a seat in the audience when Dr. Nagel is on stage.

Dr. Nagel was also a keynote speaker at the 4th WCAF, where he introduced Aller Aqua’s Temperature Adapted Feeds  concept.

Aller Aqua Qingdao is now a highly relevant topic, as the building commenced on the 1st September 2016. The factory should be ready for production in Q2 2017, where we will be able to deliver fish feed to both existing and new customers all over China.

The 4th WCAF attracted more than 1000 participants from 40 different countries. This year, the event theme is “Technology, Innovation & Profitable Sustainability”.