Organic trout feed from Aller Aqua delivers the same performance as conventional high energy feed

According to legislation, the fish stocking density in organic trout farming is much lower than in conventional trout farming. However, the cost factors are similar to conventional trout farming. Therefore, high fish price in the market determines the economic farming success as in conventional farming. A fish farmed organically has the same nutritional needs and growth potential as a conventionally farmed fish. Therefore, the fish growth potential should be utilized and nourished in the optimal way.

The feed must therefore contribute to the farming success through high palatability, highest possible nutrient digestibility and fast growth of healthy fish.

For the production of Aller Aqua’s trout feed, fish meal and fish oil from trimmings with lowest possible levels of biogenic amines and peroxides are used in combination with few organic vegetable raw materials. Reason is, that Aller Aqua’s organic trout feeds are high energy products, similar to the conventional products. And the high protein and fat level of the organic trout feeds requires the use of protein rich raw materials. But, because organic vegetable raw materials used are low in protein concentration, since chemical purification methods are prohibited for organic raw materials, the fishmeal and fish oil are the main contributors to protein and fat contained in the feed.

Benchmark trials at Aller Aqua Research (AAR) and farm results demonstrate, that Aller Aqua’s organic trout feed matches the performance obtained with conventional high energy feeds. ALLER ORGANIC EX also outcompetes other organic feeds available in the market. Fish farmers appreciate how ALLER ORGANIC EX contributes to efficient organic fish farming and raises its economic success.