TAF - Winter

The Winter Edition enhances energy and protein utilization under cold water temperatures.

Environmental temperature affects both speed and efficiency of fish metabolism. Thus, feed intake of fish and nutrient digestibility vary with temperature. Adapting feeds to seasonal temperature differences on a fish farm creates a great potential for growth and vitality of fish and has become a core principle in our feed formulation, at no extra cost.

Winter Edition is part of Aller Aqua’s Temperature Adapted Feeds™ concept which helps ensure a higher feed intake and nutrient digestibility throughout all seasons.

Temperature Adapted Feeds™ - The right feed for every season

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Enhanced palatability

The Winter Edition has enhanced palatability of feeds, which stimulates appetite and feed intake. Included peptides increase the efficiency of protein digestion.

Improved digestion and absorption

Included peptides increase the efficiency of protein digestion. By empowering the intestinal epithelium the feeds increase the reaction surface for feed digestion and nutrient absorption. Winter Edition further promotes improved digestion of dietary fat for more efficient energy utilization.

The efficiency of the Winter Edition is shown on the schematic cross sections of the proximal intestine.

Winter Edition is available for sea bass, sea bream, and trout.

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