Field trial

Aller Aqua's functional feeds help overcome stress and pathogenic bacteria

Fish are the cornerstone of global food security and nutrition. Tilapia is one of the most popular fish cultured in the world with high demand for consumer goods.

It is also one of the most important types of aquacultures because the fish can be grown in various agricultural systems and is omnivorous.
Tilapia is particularly important in developing contexts in the world as it is inexpensive and easy for small farmers to grow.

The Egyptian aquaculture sector is the largest producer of farmed fish in Africa, and tilapia is the foremost cultured species in Egypt counting for 67% of all cultured species.

Nowadays Egypt's tilapia farming faces many obstacles and constraints that have a negative effect not only on moving forward with significant progress but also on a significant decline in economic growth rates as poor water quality and fish mortality.

Functional feeds are feeds that contain special additives to perform a special function in a specific period. The concept of functional aquafeeds represents an evolving concept for fish and crustacean diets.

In the design of functional feeds, a wide range of feed additives can be used to extend beyond the satisfying basic nutritional requirements of the target species to improve growth and feed utilization, but also to support the health and stress resistance of the animals.

Two types of functional feeds produced by Aller Aqua Egypt were used to counteract the suboptimal conditions of tilapia farming in Egypt. These feeds are antistress, support temperature fluctuations and are anti-pathogenic.

The experiments recommended the use of functional feeds from Aller Aqua to prevent mortality during summer periods and to overcome bacterial disease spread among the tilapia farms with the need to improve water properties.

It also improved the economic profitability of the farm. 

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The results of trials showed that the highest values of growth performance and the best FCR of tilapia were recorded in treatment fed on antistress feed.

Aller Aqua's antistress feed showed enhance in fish grades at end of the trial.

The results showed as well enhance of survival rate and innate immunity in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fed on antistress feed from Aller Aqua.

The highest values of blood albumin, globulin and protein showed in fish fed on support feed.