Aller Quantum EX – a quantum leap for cod

Farming Atlantic cod has regained great interest in the aquaculture sector due to advancements in breeding programs and consumers' continuous demand for this tasty fish. After intensive research and several generations of breeding, Atlantic cod shows exceptionally fast growth for a cold-water fish species under current farming conditions. 

The fast growth potential of this next-generation Atlantic cod requires a dedicated feed to match the growth of the fish as well as to secure healthy development. 

In collaboration with industrial partners, Aller Aqua has developed Aller Quantum EX – a quantum leap for cod, setting a new milestone in feed for Atlantic cod. Ranging from 2mm to 13mm, Aller Quantum EX – a quantum leap for cod covers the whole grow-out cycle of Atlantic cod applying adapted nutrient composition to each size in the grow-out phase. Extra emphasis has been put on the health-promoting features of Aller Quantum EX – a quantum leap for cod, to support healthy development in the fish. 

Aller Aqua is proud to commit to the growing sector of Atlantic cod with state-of-the-art nutrition and feed development.