Working at Aller Aqua

We are a family-owned company with a long history. We are proud of our heritage and live by our saying: “Let’s grow together”. This also applies to our colleagues. 

We started making fish feed in 1963 and this has become our core business. We have grown a lot since then and now have factories in 7 countries and are represented in more than 60.  

We produce high-quality fish feed driven by innovation and strong knowledge of the sector value chain. We create efficient solutions and share our expertise in aquaculture to help farmers prosper across the globe. 

We make sure that our contribution and impact on the aquaculture industry help create a greener future by continuously developing our products and improving our core processes. 

At Aller Aqua you will become part of an international family, with long seniority, and you will be trusted with responsibilities from day one.


Meet the people

Meet May Myat Noe Lwin, Sales Director Southeast & South Asia at Aller Aqua

Who am I

I am Noe Noe and have been with Aller Aqua for over five years.

My aquaculture journey began at a young age, assisting my family's business in Thailand. At the time, I realised aquaculture was a demanding industry that required a passion which I had developed.

I furthered my aquaculture career by obtaining a PhD from Auburn University in the United States in ''Aquatics Animal Nutrition"

What do I do?

I am located in Myanmar where I long ago also assisted Aller Aqua in opening the feed market. 

My extended aquaculture experience, such as owning and operating my own farm, allows me to see from a farmer's perspective.

Myanmar, like many other countries, is still developing its aquaculture industry. We visit farmers, share our knowledge about fish and farming, and assist customers in evaluating feed.

Aller Aqua is a partner for growth and differentiates in the market due to the high quality of its feed. We demonstrate quality by conducting trials with our customers and providing R&D data that confirms the feed quality we represent.

Why Aller Aqua?

I first encountered Aller Aqua about ten years ago, when I was still advancing my career in aquaculture. Throughout my studies, I maintained contact and kept networking.

Aller Aqua is an excellent leader. It is a privilege to be a part of this family and to work together to develop and grow markets.

Aller Aqua provides the required experts to ensure that customers receive the best-practice advice. We have a dedicated team of aquaculture experts who enable us to make a difference.

Work-life balance

I enjoy travelling to new places, taking my family on vacation, and spending time at home when I have the opportunity.


Meet Ole Haubro, Sales Director for Africa at Aller Aqua

Who am I?

My name is Ole Haubro, and I am the Sales Director for Africa at Aller Aqua.

After several years of experience within sales, agricultural industry and living in France, I sought the opportunity to further develop my career in the aquaculture industry at Aller Aqua in Denmark.

What do I do

My primary role as a Sales Director for the African continent is to be a good Team Leader for our very dedicated sales team in Denmark as well as in different countries in Africa.

My daily tasks include motivating the team. Establish good sales tools, assessing market potential, industry developments, and demands. We must establish trust wherever we go, and this requires frequent travel to meet with partners, farmers, customers, and other industry stakeholders.

It is clear that aquaculture is rapidly expanding in Africa, and we want to be a part of that growth by helping value chains evolve successfully and sustainably.

This involves focusing on smaller farmers and assisting them with training seminars and educating them with the latest practices, by disseminating our knowledge and skills. A sustainable business is crucial for the farmers as the latest practices help prevent fish death, sickness, water pollution and much more.

When we join a market, we not only sell and ensure high-quality feed, but we also do everything we can to help with infrastructure improvements, farming management tools and guidelines, and bring technical innovation to them. 

Why Aller Aqua?

Aller Aqua is a company that has consistently expanded and changed the aquaculture industry around the world.

The organisation believes in its employees and provides opportunities for them to advance in their careers.

Aller Aqua sees itself as a solution provider, which makes delivering the finest outcomes even more vital.

Working for a company that is always innovating is an accomplishment.


Meet Mette Rindom Nørrelykke, Group Quality Manager

Who am I?

I have been at Aller Aqua for 11 years, and I am the Group Quality Manager.

My early career spanned several industries. I have a master's degree in chemistry/biochemistry and have previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry as well as at the Danish Technological Institute.

What do I do?

My career crossed paths with Aller Aqua 11 years ago, where I was given the opportunity to join Aller Aqua's R&D department and contribute with my expertise. Later on, I was promoted to Quality Manager for Aller Aqua Group.

Throughout my time with Aller Aqua, I've had the privilege of meeting customers and partners, participating in technological developments, and implementing methods in Aller Aqua factories which enable consistent, high-quality fish feed.

Sometimes I travel to our factories to ensure that everything in terms of feed quality and raw materials is controlled correctly.

Why Aller Aqua?

Aller Aqua has a short chain of command and is not afraid of starting new initiatives.

The CO2 labelling of our products is one of the most important projects I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of.

This transparency initiative benefits the industry and helps Aller Aqua raise CO2 awareness across the value chain.

Work-life balance

I enjoy gardening. I have a large garden where I grow all sorts of plants, from perennials and shrubs to fruit and vegetables. Gardening is for me a great way to clear my mind and get some exercise.


Meet Kreshnik Patria, Sales Representative located in Albania

Who am I?

I began my journey with Aller Aqua in 2010. I was advised that if I wanted to enter the aquaculture industry, Aller Aqua was the right choice.

I started out as a local sales agent for Aller Aqua in Albania, and through dedication and determination, we quickly became the market leader.

Today I work for Aller Aqua, as the Sales Representative for Albania.

What do I do

It is part of my daily work to stay in touch with our present customers, to assist them with diverse needs, and to ensure that the feed supply is consistent and of unwavering quality.

The farmers we work with in Albania, are experts in their fields, but we constantly contribute our expertise to keep our customers up to date on trends and new products that will help them keep growing a sustainable business.

My responsibilities include forecasting market trends, demands, and consumer consumption. These processes enable me to find new fish farmers and partners in Albania and to expand the market for Aller Aqua's high-quality fish feed.

Why Aller Aqua

During my time at Aller Aqua, I've had the opportunity to work alongside aquaculture experts. The learning curve has been enormous.

We visit customers and provide technical and veterinary support in collaboration with Dr Stefano De Dominis, Aller Aqua's Country Manager for Italy and veterinary expert.

The Albanian market is predicted to increase, and our customers have experienced rapid growth in recent years; it is my privilege to be a part of this journey of growth.

Aller Aqua provides opportunities for its employees to advance and take on new challenges. Working in a family-owned company, closely with the decision-makers is a great benefit.

We contribute to long-term industry changes through decent work and commitment.

Work-life balance

I love to spend my weekends with my family, go for walks, or eat delicious Albanian cuisine around the country.


Meet Pascal Pajaniaye, Area Sales Manager for Africa

Who am I?

My name is Pascal Pajaniaye, and I am Area Sales Manager for Africa at Aller Aqua Group, in Denmark. 

Denmark became my adopted country, shortly after I met my Danish wife in my hometown, Paris. 

After many years as Key Account Manager for Danish companies managing commercial relationships with European multinationals and UN organizations, I was offered a position at Aller Aqua in 2018.


What do I do?

My working days are never the same. It is crucial to understand the needs of our customers in a rapidly changing environment, to help them get the fastest return on investment possible with the best solutions from our factories, local stores, or distributors.

We select our distributors very meticulously to ensure a steady and reliable supply. Our technicians are always available to help the farmers get the most out of the feed by offering free expertise, veterinary support, and training sessions.

Thanks to fast results, we quickly succeeded in establishing strategic partnerships over several years with many farmers in Africa.

Why Aller Aqua?

I quickly felt at home among colleagues of all nationalities. And with such a high standard put into the development of the feed, everyone converges towards the same goal with high working ethics. This emulation is facilitated by Aller Aqua's flexible and versatile structure.

I appreciate the Scandinavian egalitarian and decentralised mindset. Each employee at Aller Aqua is involved in the decision-making process and is a co-signatory of the company's strategy. Thus, our partners can always count on our agility to meet their needs.

It is a great pleasure to have a positive impact on the aquaculture industry. I am proud to have been able to start mutually beneficial and long-lasting cooperations and assist people in growing their businesses faster than they expected, even in some of the most remote areas of the globe.

Work-life balance

I enjoy spending time with my family, going for walks, attending concerts, visiting museums, and dining out. In my spare time, I also like playing music and engaging in other sports like football, tennis, and basketball.


Meet Mikael Ridstrøm Lauritzen, Purchaser of raw materials

Who am I?

My name is Mikael, and I am Purchaser at Aller Aqua. After many years of experience within the agricultural sector, I decided to extend my career to the aquaculture industry.

I have been with Aller Aqua for more than 5 years and it has been a journey of growth and development.


What do I do?

My responsibility as a raw material purchaser is to select optimum vendors and raw materials for our operations and the fish feed to maintain unwavering quality. Evaluations and negotiations are part of a day filled with dynamic tasks.

At Aller Aqua we continuously strive to become more sustainable and efficient than the day before, and this starts with selecting the right feed ingredients. When we purchase feed ingredients, extensive focus is put not only on the quality and the effect it has on the feed but also on the environmental impact the ingredients have.

Therefore, when selecting vendors, we make sure they meet the required standards and certifications to continue our collaboration.

Aller Aqua is the first fish feed company in the world to be verified to label its products with a CO2 equivalent according to PEFCR (Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules, and this verification validates our methods and results.

Why I like working at Aller Aqua?

Aller Aqua trusts its employees and allows them to use their talents and skills by allowing them to implement ideas and take on new projects. Aller Aqua works actively with innovation, and innovative minds are always embraced.

Aller Aqua is a family-owned company, with a flat organizational structure that allows one to be close to top management and part of decision-making processes.

It is not only a workplace with plenty of opportunities to grow, but it is also a great learning environment with key expertise to offer in the aquaculture industry.

Work-life balance

I always look forward to spending afternoons and weekends with my family and friends and making delicious food for them. Cycling and hunting are my favourite free-time hobbies. 


Meet Henrik T. Halken, Group Vice President

Who am I?

I am Henrik Group Vice President, and Chairman of Aller Aqua Egypt and Aller Aqua Zambia. After finalizing my education, I started to work at Aller Aqua, and I have been in this organization for more than 20 years altogether now.

I provide the mentioned factories with leadership, and I am responsible for the Procurement Department.

What do I do?

One of my early career projects at Aller Aqua was to develop sales in Poland. Developing and educating the Polish market, resulted in establishing our Polish factory, which has been running since 2001.

The growth journey kept going on and I continued assisting with further expansion projects and partnerships, working with dedicated people across the world, and growing Aller Aqua together.

My day is full of dynamic tasks spread across the globe. I advise and coordinate teams and take decisions in the pertinent factories. Additionally, I assist with my guidance in the Procurement Department, a key player in our chain of operations.

Why I like working at Aller Aqua?

Being part of Aller Aqua has always been a journey with constant development and challenges. The organization has an entrepreneurial spirit where taking initiatives is a culture. Here employees have many opportunities to grow and to add their brick of value to building something stronger and greater.

It is always a pleasure to work with so many different cultures and people, where we all strive towards the same goals with the same attitude and enthusiasm.

After all, we are part of a greater mission. The aquaculture industry is the fastest-growing food sector in the world with low environmental impact. At Aller Aqua we work daily, to reduce our impact and improve the sector.

Work-life balance

As a nature lover, I prefer outdoor activities. Waking up early morning for jogging, family walks, and a bit of hunting, when the season kicks in.
I live in a house nestled in nature and love to spend time with my wife and other family members.


Meet Torben Overgaard Jensen, Extruder Operator

Who am I?

My name is Torben, and I started working at Aller Aqua in the position of operator 22 years ago.  

For every bag of fish feed produced, we perform quality checks and supervise the processes closely.

What do I do?

As an extruder operator, I perform regular inspections keeping the wheels rolling while reassuring that the operations match the standards, and the quality Aller Aqua delivers to its farmers. Additionally, I monitor and maintain the production machines which are a vital component of the manufacturing process. 

Why I like working at Aller Aqua? 

My workdays are always different, and every day holds a new challenge, which is something I always look forward to. At Aller Aqua you will become part of an international family. The employees have the freedom to work independently, and it is possible to make a big impact.  

Work-life balance

At Aller Aqua we focus on being efficient rather than working hours, and this mindset gives the employees a work-life balance.
I enjoy spending my free time going out with family and friends.

Our international members

Meet Dorota Dokurno, Logistics Assistant

Who am I?

My name is Dorota. I come from Poland, and I study at EUD Business school in Vejle as a logistic assistant. 

I hold a postgraduate degree in Social Sciences and have work experience helping people with social and interpersonal challenges.

''Every day is a new challenge I love to learn from''

What do I do?

Being a logistics student assistant in an international company requires a positive attitude, being organized and being able to think out-of-the-box. Part of my daily operations is to communicate with transportation companies and assist with the delivery of the feed and other materials.

I am glad that I can incorporate my postgraduate background in Social Sciences into different planning and organizing matters as well as use my skills in communication and interpersonal skills.

The innovation and creative solutions we use at Aller Aqua enable us to achieve unique, strategic goals and to successfully deliver the fish feed we produce across the world.

Keeping the customers happy, is the focus of our department, and we continuously strive to get better. 

Aller Aqua, the ideal place for me 

Having the opportunity to use my international background in my daily work has always been my goal, and at Aller Aqua this is perceived as an asset. Most of my colleagues have been working at Aller Aqua ever since its foundation, and this has given me the advantage to learn from the best.

Being part of Aller Aqua helps me practice and improve my Danish language skills as well as helping me interact with many other cultures at the same time. Here I am not just an employee, but part of a greater community.

''I was heard and trusted from day one and I am grateful for all the support and professional help’’

Work-life balance

I love to be active and engage in different sports in my free time. Some of my favourite hobbies and sports are ice swimming, fitness, and climbing. It is important to maintain a balanced lifestyle for a healthy and productive life.


Meet Adrian Constantin, Area Sales Manager for Africa

Who am I?

My name is Adrian Constantin and I come from Romania.

I hold a Bachelor´s in Economics from Bucharest University of Economic Studies, a Bachelor's in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from UCL University College and a Master's in Business, Language and Culture with a major in International Communication Management from SDU.

''I can accept failure, everyone fails at something, but I cannot accept not trying”.

What do I do?

I started my career at Aller Aqua as a student assistant. The career journey scaled up, and after graduation, I was offered a full-time role as Commercial Development Assistant.

After 3 years at Aller Aqua another opportunity was offered to me, and today I work within sales as Area Sales Manager for Africa.

I am always looking forward to future developments and opportunities at Aller Aqua, it is a place to grow.

Aller Aqua supports my growth

A day at Aller Aqua is dynamic and filled with opportunities. I have an amazing collaboration with all my colleagues, who are always there to help and share their expertise in aquaculture. Throughout my journey here I have received endless support that encouraged my professional development.

Work-life balance

At Aller Aqua not all days are the same, and flexibility is an attribute of this workplace. In my free time, I love to go on trips, cycle around or even do gardening. And if the weather is promising, outdoor sports are always a great choice.

Unsolicited applications

If you can't find an open position that matches your qualifications, we're always pleased to receive your unsolicited application.

Please submit your application to job@aller-aqua.com