R&D Collaborations

Project: CO2 Fix

CO2 fixation potential, nutritional value, and profitability of microalgae produced in modular, mobile photobioreactors (CO2 fix)

To determine the potential of capturing and using commercial CO2 from a biogas plant to produce microalgae for inclusion in aquaculture feed using a CC-PBR (carbon capture photo-bio reactor) technology developed by project partner ALGIECEL.

Ministeriet for Fødevarer, Landbrug og Fiskeri, Danmark.

Aller Aqua will use whole, dried algae biomass and/or refined fractions as ingredients in test aquafeed production to be evaluated in biological feeding trials at DTU Aqua.

Aller Aqua is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to reduce the use of traditional marine raw materials, which are limited resources. Therefore, we are working towards alternative raw materials with a similar nutrient profile derived from lower trophic levels in the food chain. This approach will help conserve marine resources and create a more sustainable and responsible food production system.

Danish: DTU Aqua, Algiecel ApS, Frederikshavn Forsyning A/S, Skagen Salmon.