our history is our guarantee to our customers that we know what we are talking about, that we keep our promises and that we are here for many years to come

Aller Aqua's history

The story of Aller Aqua began many years ago at Aller Mill. Aller Mill is today called Aller Aqua, and is a family owned company, directed by Hans Erik Bylling – grandson of master journeyman Frederik Bylling, who came to the mill in 1910 and, in cooperation with his wife, took over the mill in 1912. Ever since then it has been a member of the Bylling-family who have led the company. Through wartimes and peace, through crisis and wealth the mill has survived both good and bad times.

This story is with us every day. The Aller-spirit lives in the quality of our products, in the time we spend talking to and helping our customers, in the daily chats to colleagues, the routines in production and in every handshake we give, for every sale we make. Our history lives in us.

The mill and the business has grown with time. The production of fish feed became an independent business in 1996, and Aller Aqua is today the 3rd largest producer of fish feed in Europe. We have factories in 7 countries and sell feed in more than 70. As a company we are big enough to meet your needs, but smaller than the biggest producers, and this is exactly what makes us flexible, ready for change, decisive and gives us the option of reacting quickly to the changing needs of our customers.

Our long history is our guarantee to our customers that we know what we are talking about, that we keep our promises and that we are right here – now, and for many years to come.



- Start of fish feed production.

- Start of fish feed export.

- Investment in the first extruder. We change from pelletized to extruded feed.

- Licensed production in Chile. 
- Market leader in Poland and other Eastern European countries.

- Licenced production in Australia.

- Factory is built in Poland.

- Aller Aqua Technology is established. 
- Emsland-Aller Aqua is established.

- Factory for fish feed is built in Golssen, Germany. 
- The world’s biggest pea protein factory is built in Golssen, Germany, in corporation with Emsland Stärke GmbH.

- Acquisition of the factory in Egypt.

- Aller Aqua celebrates its 50th Anniversary. 
- We establish Aller Aqua Research in Büsum, Germany.

- Our new factory is built in Egypt – production capacity is tripled.

- Aller Aqua opens subsidiary in Nigeria - Aller Aqua Nigeria.

- Aller Aqua Polska celebrates its 25th Anniversary. 
- Aller Aqua initiates construction of its factory in China, and in Zambia. 

- Aller Aqua Ghana officially inaugurated.
- Aller Aqua opens 3rd production line at the factory in Egypt.
- Aller Aqua inaugurates its fifth factory, Aller Aqua Zambia limited.
- Aller Aqua inaugurates its sixth factory, Aller Aqua (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.

- Aller Aqua Armenia is inaugurated.
- Aller Aqua Ukraine celebrates its 15th Anniversary.

- Aller Aqua Balkan is etablished in Serbia.

- Aller Aqua Myanmar is established.

- In August Aller Aqua achieved verification by Bureau Veritas to label its product portfolio with their respective CO2 equivalents.
- In December Aller Aqua feeds from the Danish, German and Polish factories are declared with their CO2 equivalents, recognized by the PEFCR*.
  (*According to Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules PEFCR)

- On 1st May Aller Aqua acquired the company DANFOREL, Europe’s leading producer of smoked trout fillets.