responsibility is an integrated part of aller aqua


Sustainability is an integrated part of Aller Aqua. We know that modern fish farming has the highest requirements when it comes to reducing environmental impact. We reduce environmental impact by choosing only raw materials with sustainable origin. Further, feeds are formulated for highest efficiency and nutrient digestibility resulting in low nutrient discharge to the water.

  • All raw materials are non-GMO.
  • Local raw materials are prioritized.
  • Wild captured fish used to produce fishmeal and fish oil come from healthy fish stocks and do not originate from endangered species. Certifications ensuring sustainability are e.g. MSC/ISEAL or IFFO-RS.
  • Undesirable substances are under strict surveillance.

Aller Aqua in Zambia

At Aller Aqua Zambia we source 90% of our raw materials from local farmers. This has the dual benefit of enabling us to ensure that our raw materials are ethically sourced while also reducing our environmental footprint. By using Zambian raw materials and turning these into higher value fish feed and fish, Aller Aqua improves Zambian food security and decrease dependency on imported fish for consumption.

Aller Aqua’s global research and development applies its innovation and scientific expertise to solving some of the agriculture value-chain’s most pressing challenges. These include producing more food from fewer inputs, ever improving animal welfare and stable year-round productivity. Aller Aqua Zambia never uses antibiotics, GMO inputs or growth-hormones.