Aller Til-Pro

The Aller Til-Pro concept matches the nutritional needs of farmed tilapia with the economical demands of our customers. It is the result of year-long experience and challenges solved. The concept follows several principles which form the basis for success in the markets. The constant drive for high quality feeds and feed performance is key to make a difference for the farmer. This is supported by the success of Aller Til-Pro feeds in several markets. Aller Til-Pro feeds ensure long-term success and profitability. 

Locally sourced raw materials

The raw materials used in Aller Til-Pro feeds are of highest quality and carefully selected. This is ensured by the most demanding quality standards and controls in our factories. Whenever possible, raw materials are locally sourced to not only provide value to tilapia farmers, but also the local community.

Research and Development

The Aller Til-Pro concept has been developed at Aller Aqua’s trial station, which is operated by Aller Aqua Research, applying state-of-the-art scientific methods. This allows transfer the latest knowledge to our customers.

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Aller Aqua Research

Cooperation with customers

The strong backbone of Aller Til-Pro is the long-lasting and fruitful relationship with key customers. Aller Til-Pro feeds are successfully tested under practical conditions and knowledge is adopted for the benefit of other Aller Til-Pro customers.

Creating benefits for tilapia farmers

Aller Til-Pro feeds have shown the following benefits
for an increasing number of tilapia farmers:

  • Shorter production cycles
  • Consistent fish sizes
  • Good FCRs resulting in higher profitability over the production cycle
  • Economic value

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