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01. 05. 2015

Aller Aqua strengthens sales and customer service

Many customers expect their supplier to not only deliver a good product at a competitive price, but also to be a partner contributing to the development of their business.

We are therefore pleased to announce that we have hired Peter Jessen as technical support. Peter will contribute to further strengthening our good relations with customers and other external partners. Initially, Peter will mainly focus on the European freshwater market.

Many of you will know Peter from the past. He is educated as agricultural technician, but has many years’ experience within aquaculture. From 1987 to 2012, he worked with fish feed (BioMar), initially in sales and subsequently as head of the company's consulting and customer service for approximately 15 years. During the last almost three years, Peter has also gained practical experience as he has been employed by a large, Danish fish farming company in which he was responsible for the operation of several modern freshwater fish farms.

In addition to direct and indirect cooperation with our customers, Peter will strengthen our internal and external communication in relation to our products and their use. He will furthermore participate in the development of our feeding programs and strategies.

We welcome Peter at Aller Aqua and are looking forward to a good and fruitful partnership.

Peter Jessen has joined Aller Aqua
Picture © Aller Aqua